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Appointment Schedule

Updated: Jun 13

Insight Mind and Eye Clinic- Vashi

F1/C2 Sungrace Apartment,

1st floor, Vashi Road,

Sector 10,

near Waman Hari Pethe,

Vashi, Mumbai 400703

Saturday 3pm to 6 pm ( online)

Wednesday 9am to 3pm

Sunday 9 am to 3 pm

Criticare Asia Hospital-Kurla

Kohinoor city, Kirol Road,

Off LBS Road,

Kurla West, Mumbai-70

Friday 2pm to 5pm

Insight Clinic-Dadar

201, Damodar House,

Agar Bazar Road,

Dadar West, Mumbai

Monday 9 am to 1pm

Online Video Consultation/Teleconsultation Slots

Monday 2pm to 6pm

Tuesday 11 am to 6pm

Wednesday 4pm to 6pm

Thursday 11am to 6pm

Friday 11am to 1 pm

Saturday 3pm to 6 pm

For Appointment

Call 9653456105 between 11 am to 8 pm

or WhatsApp/msg on the same number 24/7

If any difficulty in scheduling an appointment, kindly whatsapp on 9867926123

Dr Nahid Dave CV


Consultant Psychiatrist



1 MBBS from Terna Medical College (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences) and post-graduation i.e.  DPM (Gold medalist) ,MD Psychiatry

2 Basic and advanced concepts of REBT and CBT in 2015 from Albert Ellis Institute, New York Affiliated Training Centre in Mumbai

3 Trained in Mindfulness techniques by Jon Kabatt Zin MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and as “Mindfulness Trainer” with 100 hours of training with Mindfulness coach Shamash Alidinia

4 Authored a Story in a book ‘Mindfulness for Transformation’ published in the UK, available on Amazon.

5 Poem on 'Family'- Published in 3rd Edition of Beyond Borders (Official Magazine of SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Psychiatric Federation released at Kathmandu 14th SAARC Psychiatry International Conference on 7th Nov,2023

6 Mental Health Mondays with RJ Yamini on 106.4 Magic FM . Podcast on Adult ADHD, Decoding genZ, Digital Addiction, work life balance,Betrayal Trauma etc


Work Experience




Terna Medical College and Hospital

NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation) Hospital



May 2012- May 2014

LTMMC and GH , Sion Hospital


Medical Officer


Thane Mental Hospital


Medical Officer

August 2014- July2015

Ulhasnagar Maternity Hospital


Speciality Medical Officer

January, 2016

LTMMC and GH, Sion Hospital


Senior Registrar

1st Aug 2015 to 31st Dec 2015

LTMMC and GH, Sion Hospital


Senior Registrar

1st Feb, 2016 to 31st July, 2016

LTMMC and GH, Sion Hospital


Senior Registrar

1st August2016 to 31st Jan,2017

LTMMC and GH, Sion Hospital


REBT and CBT Internship

Sept to November, 2015

Albert Ellis Institute New York affiliated Centre, Mumbai


Consultant Psychiatrist

Nov 2017 to March 2021

Kohinoor Hospital, Kurla


Consultant Psychiatrist

April 2017 to March 2020

City Hospital and Research Centre, Kurla


Consultant Psychiatrist

June, 2017 to presen

Insight Clinic, Dadar


Consultant Psychiatrist

November 2016 to present

Insight Mind and Eye Clinic


Consultant Psychiatrist

March 2022 to present

CritiCare Asia Hospital, Kurla

Publications in Academic Journals

Review articles

1  Indian Religious Concepts on Marriage and Sexuality : Review article Indian journal of Psychiatry, volume 55,issue 6,year 2013

2  Anxiety Disorders in Women: Critical Clinical and Management issues: Review Article Indian Journal of Private Psychiatry Special Edition on Women and Mental Health August 2013

Case Reports

1)MDMA Dependence: a case report from urban India Medical sciences, Volume 3, Number 9, November 2013

2)Late Onset Trichotillomania : a Case Report


Journal Indian Academy of geriatrics

3)mipramine Induced acute dystonia: a case report Global Research analysis . Volume 2, Issue 11,Nov2013

4)Sexual behavior seen in complex partial seizures : a case report Indian Journal of Research. Volume 2,Issue 11,November 2013

5)Cerebroprotein hydrosylate in treatment of Dementia Indian Journal of Research. Volume 2,Issue 11,Nov 2013⁸

6)Delusional parasitosis with alcohol dependence: a case report


International Journal Of Medical research &Health sciences Volume 3,Isuue 2(April-June)

7)Tourette Syndrome and schizophrenia: a case report


Indian Journal of medical case reports Volume 3 (1) 2014

8)Escitalopram Induced Dystonia: a case report


International journal of toxicological and pharmacological research 6(1):20-21,2014

9)Blonanserine induced Galactorrhea treated with aripiprazole


Der Pharmacologia Sinica

10)Cyproheptadine and Dexamethasone A

National Journal Of Medical Research Issue1.000,Volume 3,Start page 88,2013

11)Hypnic Headache: A Case Report


Asian Journal of medical and clinical sciences: published 30 August 2014

Media Appearances

 1)Playing myself in a Short Film on Depression Cues are 8:42 and 16:05minutes

2)Expert Panelist on a TV debate on the Kathua rape accused on News World India on 13th April,2018.

3)Playing myself in a video related to management of stress during Board exams

4)2 hour Session on 'Mindfulness in everyday life' on 11th May,2020 for Meta health.

5)Webinar on Domestic violence and Anger Management with Panelist  RJ Meghana and Motilal Damiyal. Hosted by Mavericks Talks. Yousuf Fidali and Murtaza Yousuf       2EcN5EAkCCNbfxz7hyLucJMtZ4E9TQwl1X3Fdo_hLsYQ&v=7T1RPAf8Ytw&

6)Discussion on Psychological Impact of the pandemic with The Safety Net

7)Invited by Dr Vijayshree Patil founder of The Safety Net for a discussion on Mental Health

8)Mindful consumption of news and anxiety during covid times.A continuation of the mental health initiative by The Safety Net

9)Dr Nahid Dave in conversation with The Safety net- Simplifying suicide

10)Mental Health Day 2021- Panel Discussion by Roohi Mental Health Organization on 10th Oct , 2021

11) Talk on Mindful Parenting

12) Byte for Radio City 91.9 FM on Mental Health Day

Depression, risk factors and Treatment options

13) Understanding Guilt and Grief-In conversation with Galaxshe

14) Workshop on Mindfulness', managing emotions and stress for Indian Dental Association, Dombivli branch. Interactive session with dentist on 8th Feb,2024

Other Activities

(Details of all activities available on 

1)Workshop on identifying Mental Health Issues amongst students for Teachers at Maharashtra College of Arts, Science and Commerce,Mumbai.


2)Stress Management with Police Officers (Vinoba Bhave Police Station), Naval Transmission Centre (Mahul), Cancer patients and caretakers at Sarvodaya Hospital (Ghatkopar).

3)Interactive session on Parenting and its challenges at CIDCO colony Kharghar and BMC school(Kurla)

4)Awareness on Drug Abuse for College Students, Community with Police Department. 5 Talk on ‘Mindful studying and Mindfulness’ with college students.

5)Conducted awareness lectures related to psychiatry disorders in women and associated stigma while working in Ulhasnagar Maternity Hospital.


6)Screening of Mental Health patients with general practitioners Doctors.


7)Attended screening camps organized in schools by sarva shikshan abhiyaan and SHIELD foundation.

8)Interactive session with caretakers of Specially abled children at Anandniketan, Goa about mental, emotional and pubertal changes.

9)Stress Management at corporate office,TU CIBIL , India bulls.(Lower Parel) for International Mens Day.

10)Talk for community with NGO PARVARISH, school on Internet addiction. Special focus on PUBG addiction and digital parenting.

11)Talk on ‘Mindfulness based Therapies in Psychiatric disorders'  for psychiatrist in Mumbai in a Conference Psychiatricks.

12)Talk on Stress Management for Al-Anon members in Airoli at their annual meet.

13)Talk on 'Challenges faced by parents' in the current times

Interactive session on Parenting styles, stress management amongst parents and dealing with issues of anger, languishing with children.

on 23rd May, 2021 for parents from Uran ( Vivekanand Classes)

14)A psychological perspective on how hobbies help us. Quoted in Mid-day on 21st, May 2021

15)Interactive session with Teenagers on managing emotions, behavioral addiction and staying motivated with students from 11th and 12th Std at the Vivekanand classes at Uran on the 20th May, 2021

16)"Its okay and not to be an okay"Workshop  for corporate office at MorningStar,Vashi 30+ employees on 14th Dec, 2023

17)Interactive workshop on Understanding 'Ambition and Greed' for MorningStar on 13th Dec, 2023 for 80+ employees

18)Poem reading at Indian Psychiatric society Subcommittee on Post Partum depression

19)Lecture series across 3 days for 7 hours- MBA students at Somaiya University

Stress Management and Mental health awareness as a part of their orientation programme.

20) Explaining ,discussing difference between ambition and greed at Morning Star Corporate office in a workshop spanning over 4 days for 500 employees.

Newspaper and online Publications

International publication

- Quoted on ‘Hidden Hazards of Toxic Positivity’ in Daily Mirror Newspaper in Srilanka on 14th October,2023


Coping with Divorce, quoted in Mumbai mirror 8-6-17


A Back to school guide for parents,quoted in mumbai mirror 19-06-17


What I learnt from my failed relationships,quoted in mumbai mirror 12-7-17


 Sorry isn’t always a good word,quoted in femina april 2017


Do away with gender stereotypes, quoted in mumbai mirror 8-08-17


Why your partner should not be your best friend.The Naked truth magazine,September 2017


Winning over epic failures ,quoted in mumbai mirror on 17-10-17


Music healing the mind,body,soul. quoted in mumbai mirror on 30-10-17 soul/articleshow/61333071.cms?utm_source=mmandroid&utm_medium=Whatsapp&utm_campaig n=show


How to talk to your child about sexual harassment, quoted in mumbai mirror 4-11-17


quoted in femina september 2017

-Diapers on board

-Too worried to win


Quoted in an article on Depression in The Naked Truth on 8 th Dec,2017


Quoted in Mid-Day newspaper on 25th Dec,2017 on ‘Tips on Setting New Year resolution’


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror, Pune Mirror and Bangalore Mirror on ‘Accepting Flaws in a Relationship’ on 15th Jan, 2018


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror on ‘Power dynamics in a Relationship’ on 24th Jan, 2018


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror on ‘Finding Your Purpose’ on 31st March, 2018


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror and Pune mirror on ‘Knowing when to let go in a relationship’ on 17th

April, 2018


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror and Pune Mirror on ‘7 Relationship Milestones’ on 29 th May, 2018


Quoted in Mumbai and Pune Mirror on ‘How to be an active listener’ on 12th June, 2018


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror on Imposter Syndrome on 23rd June, 2018


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror and Pune Mirror on ‘Mommy-Baby workout moves’ on 5th July,2018


Quoted in The Naked Truth on 4th May, 2018 on ‘Living with a Narcissist’


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror on ‘How to revive a Friendship’ on 6th August, 2018


Quoted in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune Mirror on ‘Mindfulness and Sex’ on 4th September,2018



  Quoted in an article on RepublicTv on PUBG Addiction and Suicide on 5thFeb,2019


  Quoted in an article on RepublicTv onPubg addiction and parenting 6Th Dec, 2018 headache-for-parents


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror on ‘6 Habits your body will not forgive’ on 23rd Feb,2019


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror on Anxiety and its management on 12th Feb, 2019


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror on misconceptions about marriage. 5th Dec 2018


Quoted in mid-day on Netflix addiction on 16th Oct, 2018


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror, Bangalore Mirror 23/2/19 on Caffeine Addiction..


Quoted in mumbai mirror, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore mirror on 'couples opting out of parenthood' on 25/4/19


quoted in mid-day 22/4/19

on 'having a partner with strikingly opposite political opinion'


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune Mirror on 27/5/19 on

Snowplow parenting..(over protective parenting)


Quoted in Mid-day pg 16  22/7/19 on balancing real life and Social Media


Quoted in mid-day on 26/8/19 on Sexual Harassment faced by Men..


Quoted in an article on Republic TV on TikTok on 6-8-19


Quoted in Mid-day on 14/10/19

on effect of Instagram on Body Image and Self esteem


Quoted in mid-day today..pg18 on Fallout between siblings and reconciliation..


Quoted in MumbaiMirror, Pune, Ahmedabad and Bangalore Mirror on 8/11/19 on..

'How to talk to your child about Gender and Sexuality'


Quoted in mid-day today..16/12/19

on infidelity..

why it happens and ways to deal with it..


Quoted in Mid-day on 13-1-2020

Parental consent in pursuing relationships


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror, Bangalore ,Pune and Ahmedabad Mirror on 28/1/2020 on

Dealing with negative people pg 22


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror, Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad mirror on 17/2/2020

'Lying to your partner.' Acceptable and unacceptable situations and how to handle it


Quoted in UpJourney on ‘How to stop being a narcissist?’ on 4th Oct, 2019


Quoted on LIvingFoodz on ‘Coping with Stress through COVID 19’


Quoted in Mid-day on Judicious use of Internet during the Lockdown and COVID 19 on 6th April,2020


Quoted in The Free Press Journal on Mental Health and COVID 19 on 22nd March, 2020


Quoted on Living Foodz explaing Vitamin D deficiency in the current lockdown


Quoted in The Free Press Journal on Fathers Day 21/6/2020 on first time fathers during the pandemic.


Quoted in Mumbai Mirror, Pune, Ahmedabad and Bangalore Mirror on 27/7/2020 on 'Relationships and weddings during the lockdown'


Quoted in Mid-day on 17 th Aug, 2020 on

Parenting tips to help adolescents cope in the lockdown


Quoted in The Free Press Journal on Mental Health Aspects of having a child during COVID-19 on 6th September, 2020


Quoted in The Free Press Journal on 13 th September, 2020

How our news consumption could be affecting our mental health


Quoted in MumbaiMirror, BangaloreMirror, AhmedabadMirror and Pune Mirror on 16/10/2020 on

'maintaining friendships during the pandemic’


quoted in MumbaiMirror, PuneMirror, BangaloreMirror and Ahmedabad Mirror on 'Understanding Psychotherapy'

on 2/11/2020


Dr Nahid Dave quoted in Mid-day on Sexual Assault in children and teenagers

An overview for parents


On paternity leave and the role of a father in the initial days..

Quoted in The Free Press Journal on 29th November, 2020..


Challenges of Managing children at home during COVID

Quoted in MumbaiMirror, PuneMirror, AhmedabadMirror and BangaloreMirror on 11th Dec, 2020


Quoted in mid-day on 5th Jan, 2021

A psychological perspective- Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Quoted in on mental health of fisherman following suicides at Vashi Creek on 13th Jan, 2021


Interview in on Depression in the elderly.. on 16th January,2021


Quoted in Mid-Day on 21/1/2021 on Understanding the relation between mood and clothes


Quoted in Mid-Day- Understanding the role of Pets in difficult times on 15th Feb, 2021


Quoted in Midday on 12/03/2021 on influence of media on children


Quoted in on Body shaming, Ideal Body Image and the Role played by social Media.

1st April, 2021


Quoted in Mid-Day on the role played by family members in understanding and supporting Mental health. 15th March, 2021


Quoted in The Free Press Journal on 25th April, 2021.Understanding our patterns and reasons of watching on OTT platforms


Aimlessness and stagnation in the current times and ways to tide over it- Quoted on 'Languishing'

Quoted in Mid-Day on 3rd May, 2021


What do mental health experts do to 'Keep Sane' in these uncertain times? Quoted in Mid-day on 12th May, 2021


Understanding emotional eating and food cravings- Quoted on IndiaFoodNetwork

Understanding food cravings and emotional eating on 12 July, 2021


GenZ embracing sobriety-Quoted on IndiaFoodNetwork

Quoted on IndiaFoodNetwork on 31 March, 2021


Associations between food and sex- quoted on IndiaFoodNetwork

Quoted on by Suman Quazi on drawing associations between food and sex 27/08/2021


War- How do you explain this to your child

Quoted in Mid-day on 7th March, 2022.


Why Gen-Z's are embracing sobriety

Quoted in IndiaFoodNetwork on 31 March, 2021


Living in toxic relationships and what one needs to know

Quoted in Mid Day on 4th oct, 2021


Understanding consent, caregiving, Institutionalising, breakdowns in mental illnesses

Quoted in Mid-day on 25th october, 2021


World Social Media Day-Quoted in Mid-day on mental health of digital creators

Quoted in Mid-Day on World Social Media Day on 30th June, 2021


Busting Myths regarding seeking Mental health help from a therapist

Quoted in Midday on 15th June, 2021


Quoted in Midday on Body shaming and how parents can help their children navigate

Personal Details


Dr Nahid Dave


Contact Number:  9867926123 Email id:

Languages Spoken: Hindi,Marathi,English




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