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Quoted in Midday on the 'Bombay Begums' issue on Netflix

Quoted in Midday on 12/03/2021 on influence of media on children

"Kids these days are very impressionable – what they see, they want to emulate, knowingly or unknowingly. Platforms which are easily available, which a child may be watching or just come across while flipping channels, may affect their subconscious; it might be something they feel – “this is what I want to do, or how I want to relax”. That will have a very bad influence on the community. There are a lot of teenagers these days who have YouTube channels where they are putting out a variety of content – that’s what the trend is. They try to adapt things and add their creativity to it. For OTT platforms, you need to subscribe and log in; TV channels and other media are more easily accessible. As far as OTT platforms are concerned the responsibility also falls on the viewer regarding what content they are watching. Content producers need to be careful about which platform they are portraying things on."

Dr Nahid Dave

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