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Poem on 'Family'- Published in Beyond Borders (Official Magazine of SAARC Psychiatric Federation)

A poem on the spirit of family, published in the international magazine

3rd Edition of Beyond Borders - from SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Psychiatric Federation released at Kathmandu t 14th SAARC Psychiatry International Conference on 7th Nov,2023

The official magazine of the SAARC PSYCHIATRIC FEDERATION, which is slated to be a "FAMILY SPECIAL" issue.

A crisp newspaper was grandpas morning routine..

No chiming apps from any machine..

Grandmas tales and her delicious meals..

Nothing instant or even snacky cheese..

Finding their glasses was a daily routine..

Limited concrete and lots of green..

Father spoke of his stories of yore..

Office or home, we learned to adore..

Mother juggled between working and parenting..

A love for toil we have been inheriting.

Conversations not stunted by a network glitch..

Talking through emoji a helpless switch..

As Medals and prizes stack up the shelf..

They said competition lies with your previous self..

Talks not limited by pleasantries..

Happiness not limited by presents..

The bonds run deeper than the scars..

There is a story untold, look up to the stars..

You think you know love until you have a kid..

Sweeps off your universe whatever you do or did..

All my moms anxieties i cannot label anymore..

A flurry of untoward thoughts as they walk out the front door..

In days we age but not in spirit..

For choosing joy is a one way ticket..

Between faith and reason is a balanced path..

Do good deeds or face the aftermath..

A home is not its furniture and walls..

Its the endless laundry the balls and dolls..

Dr Nahid Dave

Consultant Psychiatrist


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