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Parental consent in pursuing Relationships

Dr Nahid Dave, a psychiatrist at Insight Clinic, points out that most urban adults are used to taking independent decisions, in terms of their finances, travel and where to stay. The decision about who to marry is also increasingly perceived as an independent decision. There exists a gap of more than one generation between modern parents and their children — the rate of evolution is not liner but rather exponential, especially because of social media and the Internet. While parents no longer expect to be asked about whom to marry, there certainly is an expectation that they will be informed first when the time comes," she explains.

Dr Dave adds, "In most cases, parents don't approve of a match either because they believe that the match isn't good enough, or because of societal pressures that have little to do with the man/woman in question. In case of the latter, they place themselves before their child's happiness and this can lead to emotional blackmail. Understand why your parents are disapproving of your partner — in the first scenario, give your parents time to know your spouse.

If your parents are too bound by convention or societal norms, it's best to go ahead with what you think will work for you. Trying too hard can also result in fights between partners, as the stress begins to mount. Understand that even if you do take a wrong decision, it is your decision and you are accountable for the repercussions."

Quoted in Mid-day on 13-1-2020

Dr Nahid Dave

Consultant Psychiatrist

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