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Poem reading at Indian Psychiatric society Subcommitee

Read my poem on post partum depression in a webinar conducted by Poets of Psychiatry group and Indian Psychiatry Society subcommitee

Other poets read about their experience as mental health healers and resilience showed by patients even in the face of schizophrenia.

Program organised and conducted by Dr Darpan Kaur maam.. @drdarpankaur

I entered motherhood with a plan in place..

To embrace my miracle, every hardship to face..

His toothless grin has upturned my life..

To make dusk meet dawn I do strive..

All day long he babbles, laughs and cries..

I binge to cope and think of the untraveled miles..

The weighing scale, the mirror never do they lie

The helpless truth lets out a sigh

Feed, change, sleep, Repeat- that’s how it sums up..

I give up so often and have to pick myself up..

It took months to begin, how am I unready..

Days are so chaotic I long for the steady..

Gifts amass, ample blessing and wishes..

Yet all I want is someone to do the dishes..

They say why do you crib others have it tougher..

I have my own battle for me this is rougher..

Am I ungrateful after this bundle of joy..

The apple of my eye, this smart boy..

Someone hold my baby I need to bathe..

I see good, yet I struggle to keep faith..

Still each moment I wish to savour

Coz like it there will be no other

With each passing day my buddy, my tear

your innocent gaze has me caged , my dear

My tears travel on their familiar route,

With pursed lips, all so mute

Unconditional love enveloped in limitless fear..

I want to hold him tight, until hope is near..

-Dr Nahid Dave

Psychiatrist and Mother

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