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Aimlessness and stagnation in the current times and ways to tide over it- Quoted on 'Languishing'

Quoted in Mid-Day on 3rd May, 2021

Dave says that in contrast to 2020, when people were pursuing new hobbies and taking up online courses, the drive to be productive is now lost. Also, the knowledge that others are feeling the same way, re-enforces your languishing.

Dave suggests seeking professional help if you are experiencing the following for over two weeks: problems with sleep, unable to concentrate on work to the extent that people around you have started noticing lapses, and suicidal thoughts. “If the thought of death doesn’t make you scared but gives you a sense of relief, then it’s definitely a red flag,” she states.

Dave emphasize, is acceptance before action. Once you accept you are feeling languished, take control of your life through small acts that give you a sense of accomplishment.

To correct your sleep cycle, Dave recommends sleeping at a fixed time every day and switching off gadgets one hour before.

Dave asserts that avoiding constant exposure to news is critical, too: “Refrain from watching the news on TV as it comes with added drama. Instead, read it once a day. Also, stop watching videos circulating on WhatsApp as their authenticity can’t be verified.”

Dr Nahid Dave

Consultant Psychiatrist

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