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Lecture series across 3 days for 7 hours- MBA students at Somaiya University

Day 1

Conducted a talk on counselling and Mental health in the Orientation program for MBA students at Somaiya College, VidyaVihar

Understanding Stress through Mindfulness and cognitive techniques. Learning to deal with distress and making it eustress. Identifying our own emotional triggers and practising to respond rather than react.

Day 2

Mental health and counselling talk for firsr year MBA students at Somaiya University, Vidyavihar during their Orientation Program

Leaning Eating Mindfulness and other informal techniques.

The importance of recognizing choice points in our everyday life. The intimate connection between stress and inattention and how we can avoid it..

Day 3

Visiting faculty at Somaiya University for Health Care Management students during their Orientation Program at Somaiya University, Vidyavihar

Cognitive Behaviour therapy and Mindfulness techniques were elaborated for stress management

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