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Serotonin and Depression- Quoted on

Quoted in an article on TheSwaddle on the Serotonin, Depression and the latest research stating they are not linked.

A brilliant article by Rohitha Naraharisetty

"With the new research… There is no Plan B. There is nothing else one can do to treat depression other than what we already have, which is evidence-based,” says psychiatrist Dr. Nahid Dave. “With serotonin becoming an almost-euphemism for joy now, several internet posts about the neurotransmitter serve a far more vital purpose – they are a coping mechanism,” The Swaddle noted earlier.

Further, “When you give depression a biological theory, it reduces the stigma to a great extent, because it becomes like any other physical illness. So there’s more acceptability,” Dr. Dave says.

A lot of times people think ‘I should’ve, I could’ve, I must’ve,’ and parents go through a guilt trip when it comes to their kids.”

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