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Quoted in The Free Press Journal on how the news today is affecting our mental health

“It used to be that news was a source of information. But during the lockdown, news has also become our source of entertainment and is replacing many of the functions that were once served by social interactions and other developments of our routine lives. With virtually every other aspect of our lives coming to a standstill during the lockdown, the only variable is news and current affairs,” explains Dr Nahid Dave, a psychiatrist at Insight Clinic.

Dr Dave adds that many individuals struggling with depression are facing the brunt of insensitive and callous over-sharing — from suicide ideation to increased anxiety. Individuals that have experienced tragic suicides in their own families are reliving the trauma over and over. Many are worried if there was something they missed or if it was a suicide at all — this can be very detrimental to their mental well-being.

To assess if your involvement with current affairs is reaching unhealthy levels, it helps to understand your emotional state when anticipating or reacting to news. “If you find yourself waking up each morning, impatient to learn the latest developments about the case you are following, or anxious about missing out, it may be time to step back,” says Dr Dave.

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