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Panel discussion on rising Domestic Violence during the lockdown

On the eve of 8th May, 2020 The Social Konnect brought arranged a panel discussion with experts from different fields.

Advocate Smt Arti Rajput is an Advocate at Gujarat High Court was one of the panelist. She explained the legal aspects of domestic violence cases.

Smt Kanchan Kanchan Khattar Senior Co-ordinator of National women Commission explained the different levels at which their organisation works throughout the country. The rise in the number of cases of domestic violence since the lockdown were discussed. She also explained their liaison of work with the police department and psychologists.

Dr Nahid Dave Psychiatrist explained the psychology of abusers and survivors.

The interplay of gender stereotypes, assertion of power , financial dependency and social acceptance play a role in the presence of domestic violence.

Its prevalence runs across all social and economic groups.

Recognizing red flags if a friend or colleague could be suffering, emotional first aid and knowing when to seek professional help.

Counselling involves listening, helping them decide rationally with clarity than take impulsive actions.

Gayatri Fernandes was from the Media Panel of Dainik Bhaskar, she had very relevant and pertinent questions which kept the zoom meeting very engaging

Shirin Agrawal a Women Rights Activist asked case related doubts which helped gain a lot of clarity.

Dr Sajid Saiyed played a wonderful host. He was able to assign time to all the panelists and made the session very specific.

Kalpesh Jain(FeedPPL) and Nitesh Singh(The Social Konnect) made the entire program possible.

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