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All you need to know about pregnancy during Corona- Gynecological and Mental health perspective

Quoted in The Free Press Journal on Mental Health perspective of pregnancy during the pandemic

“Pregnant women go through many hormonal changes, especially in their first and last trimesters, which leads of anxiety. When compounded by the pandemic, many mothers-to-be are becoming excessively worried about putting themselves and their families at risk. From avoiding routine check-ups to compulsively washing their hands to the extent that they damage their skin, their anxiety manifests in several unhealthy ways,” adds Dr Nahid Dave, a psychiatrist at Insight Clinic.

“Today, everyone has an (ill-informed) opinion about pregnancy during COVID-19. It’s important for expecting couples to only seek information from credible sources. Additionally, limit the amount of information you receive, especially negative news or conversations. Simply reading the headlines for 10 minutes a day is enough to understand what is happening around the world. Avoid television news as this can contribute to anxiety,” says Dr Dave.

Dr Dave cautions that if you find yourself compulsively washing your hands, being unable to sleep well, experiencing very vivid and disturbing dreams, continuously expecting the worst outcomes and are unable to distract yourself, consider seeking professional help.

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