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Balancing Internet Usage and Social Isolation- Quoted in Mid-Day

Quoted in Mid-day on 6/4/2020 on Internet Usage in the times of Social Isolation by Anindita Paul

Dr Nahid Dave a Psychiatrist at Thought Matters, says that this uptake in screen time can have lasting implications on mental health. "While most people believe that they will automatically switch back once they resume their regular routines, too much screen time can have lasting implications on mental health and physical well-being," she observes.

Internet usage, during the lockdown, is typically for four reasons, says Dr Dave. These include communication (chats and video calls),

entertainment (movies or series),

social media and


"Most people use their screens only for the first three purposes. The fourth is neglected. It's important to understand exactly how much time you are spending on each. Most people are in denial about how many hours they spend online; timing your usage will make you more conscious and judicious while using devices and gadgets," she says.

Allocate time:

Dr Dave warns that bombarding yourself with too much information can create anxiety. "While you may not remember the exact piece of news or meme, being constantly exposed to death rates or other alarming statistics can affect your subconscious and make you fearful," she says.

Dr Dave emphasizes on the importance of one-on-one engagements, via chat, phone or video calls, as opposed to mindless browsing on social media. "Studies indicate that the latter can make you lonelier," she explains.

Look inwards: "While some people are productive and view these 21 days as an incredible opportunity for self-improvement, this may not necessarily be the case for others. These constant comparisons can create anxiety. It's crucial to also allocate time towards doing something constructive. These don't have to be ambitious targets — simply introspecting about the things and people you care about can be useful. Mindfulness exercises, such as breathing and meditation, can improve your attention span, focus and overall mental well-being," suggests Dr Dave.

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