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Happy Womens Day !!!!

Draped in saree or a pair of jeans..

In her fifties or her early teens..

Balancing elegantly all the beams..

A daughter, a sister, a mother..

For Unconditional love look no further..

A boss, a traveler, an employee..

Being Rule bound yet carefree..

A marathoner, a scientist, a cook..

Writing each chapter of life’s book..

Adding dimensions to each role..

A superpower to adjust in any mould..

The Everest or the Moon, doesn’t seem so far..

The packed lunch box or knitted sweater, is on par..

With each passing year her roles multiply..

Graced with love in a limitless supply..

In all the chaos,her undying flame..

her fiery spirit one cannot tame..

Wishing all the women a very Happy Women's Day !!!

- Dr Nahid Dave

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