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Fights affecting Physical health- Quoted in TheEstablished

Quoted in 'The Established' on

"Can fights in a romantic relationship affect your physical health?"

in a brilliant write up by Arman Khan.

"These arguments and their repercussions on one’s health affects children and everyone else in the vicinity of the couples,” says Nahid Dave, a psychiatrist based in Navi Mumbai. “If your cortisol level is increasing because you are getting worked up, it will also trigger the people around you.”

“Take a pause if you can see your partner is getting affected,” explains Dave. “Everything doesn’t have to be said in a fit of anger. Many times, the things we say in anger are not meant; we are saying them only because we want to hurt the other person.”

More than anything, Dave says that being aware of one’s physical state is also crucial, particularly when one is angry. “You have a choice when you’re aware of how you want to respond to it, and if you’re not, you might do things you will end up regretting.”

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