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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy" Talk for Psychiatry Resident Doctors

Management of Borderline Personality Disorder

Lecture at CPS Parel ( College of Physicians and Surgeons) for Psychiatry Resident Doctors on 28 th July, 2022

Borderline Personality

*Core Symptoms*

-Emotional Dysregulation


-Self injury

-Suicidal threats

-Substance Abuse

-Distorted Self Image

-mood swings

-unstable relationships


-fear of abandonment

*Dialectical Behaviour Therapy*

- Mindfulness + Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

*Pillars of Mindfulness*


Non Judgemental

Non striving

Beginner’s Mind

Patience and Acceptance

Letting go




Act with awareness

Non judging and Non reactive to inner experience

Respond not React

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