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At the Airport-Busting Myths

10 th of October is World Mental Health Day.

The WHO theme for year 2017 being ‘Depression..Lets talk’

There is tremendous stigma attached to mental health despite the changing ideas and trends. Often, people talk and share their physical illnesses with friends and family, whereas mental wellbeing is a private affair.

Talking about mental health and generating awareness is and essential step to mitigate this stigma.

At T2 terminal, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport,Mumbai a one day program was arranged for the employees. Screening tests, Individual counselling sessions and a talk on Stress management.

Dr Ruksheda Syeda took the dias to explain symptoms of stress and its management.

Dr Nahid Dave had shared a few case vignettes regarding the different ways in which depression presents.

Somatic complains (medically unexplained pains and aches), unrefreshing sleep, easy irritability, increased emotionality, change in appetite, suicidal ideas could be red flags or warning signs.

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