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Associations between food and sex- quoted on IndiaFoodNetwork

Quoted on by Suman Quazi on drawing associations between food and sex.. 27/08/2021

Dr Nahid Dave, a psychiatrist and friend I've known for a while now, she clarified that it was not only not uncommon to draw associations between food and sex, but also, highly natural

The suffix 'gasm,' she tells me, is used to signify the highest level of passion. Whether you're using it as an expression in food or mood, the idea is to indicate depth or intensity. "Certain food items, due to its smell, texture, or colour may jolt your memory and remind you of a person or moment. Or in your head, lead you to form an association with something sexual… there may not always be a logical explanation for it, because these cues provide raw data and your interpretation depends on internal memories," she explains, while probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me.

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