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106.4 Magic FM- RJ Yamini Adult ADHD

“Where did I keep my stuff, I keep searching all the time”

“A very messy, disorganized living space.”

“I want to pay attention in a long meeting, it was an important one, yet I got distracted.”

“I feel I have no control over things I intend to do and end up doing.”

“I can’t keep track of time.I often underestimate the time it will take to complete tasks.”

“I make silly mistakes and find it difficult in reading carefully.”

“I keep making careless mistakes.”

“I get distracted even when I am being directly spoken to after such time.”

“ I overlook small details and there are errors in my work.”

Adult ADHD

All your questions answered

ADHD present in adults/children with high/low IQ?

I am already 30 or 45 or 50 years of age, can I get treated for ADHD now?

How is it different from just being lazy?

As a child, what are things that an ADHD kid hears?

How can I get diagnosed if I meet all the symptoms?

Hear the podcast to know all the details and check out the link to read about it

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